Friday, June 20, 2014

Honk, Honk and Honk Again

Some things that used to make me mad, finally just started irritating me and now many of those things actually amuse me.  One of them is cars and horns.  I understand the horn was added to the vehicle as a warning devise but it just doesn’t seem like a good defensive devise.  Watch in a convenient store or shopping center parking lot sometime and you will see people start backing out without seeing a car coming (no judgment here, there are blind spots, distractions and sometimes just blindness).  The car in the right-of way often will just stop and lay on the horn as if the use of that two pound device all by itself is going to stop the backing car.  Three lanes on a highway and a vehicle tries to change lanes not seeing that the lane they desire is already taken.  The car in danger glares and hoooooooonks as the only action of defense instead of immediately changing lanes that is empty beside them.

Yesterday I was traveling down Mack, west of I74, hoping to intersect with Gratiot.  The Tigers had just finished an afternoon game and thousands of fans were adding to the normal rush hour congestion on Interstate 75 and 64 so I was taking a detour.  There was one car in front of me and we were coming to a red light.  I saw the Semi-Truck that we were going to intersect with and felt he was going to turn left and would need extra room since both of the streets were only two lane.  I stopped to where the truck would  have plenty of room but the driver in front of me didn’t and pulled up passed the white line (something that hasn’t yet become an amusement) and stopped as the light had turned red.

The truck made the turn but had to get up on the curb to do it.  As the twenty feet of Semi passed her and the forty foot of trailer tried to follow it was clear that the car in front of me was in trouble.  Remember I have stopped with what was probably fifty or so feet between us.  As the rear wheels of the trailer got closer and closer to the car the horn started to do everything it could to stop that semi-trailer from climbing up the hood of the car.  The truck driver stopped, backed up, pulled forward and repeated the process until the trailer would pass by the car within a foot or so. 

When I was a boy and worked with the men I learned quickly that when I was in an alley and calves were coming down it was much smarter for me to move than to yell.  If I took a defensive action by crawling through the bars or even climbing up the bars, which was more fun, I avoided the disaster of being run over.  I could stand there and yell until I couldn’t yell anymore and I would probably have been trampled.

Life is like that sometime, well maybe, no probably many times life is like that.  There may be some things in our life that are dangers to us but instead of putting the car in reverse and backing up or changing lanes we set our jaws and lay on the horn of life and expect things to change.  After all this was our lane, our right-of-way and we are not going to give up what was ours and change no matter what the end result might be.  The priestly writer of Hebrews encourages us to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.  And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. . . “ (Hebrews 12:1)

Just like I had given the car in front of me plenty of room to back up and avoid the danger of getting run over God always gives us another direction and the ability to throw those things off that which hinders us from being the people He wants us to be.  But, we have to do it.  May each of us find the strength to do that and continue to run our race.

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